Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Initial Meeting

The first get-together to discuss how to put together this Info Dojo idea will be Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 6 pm, at the Mountain Arts Community Center (MACC) in Room 5 (the Community Communication Project office).

Everyone is welcome! You can RSVP on Facebook or actions.communify.org, or email join@communify.org for more information.


There are so many ways that we try to communicate. And every day it seems like there's something new! 

How do we keep up with the tools we could be using to express ourselves better? It's a struggle, a constant struggle. And it's not going to stop. 

The Info Dojo is where we can focus on learning the most effective and efficient ways to share information with each other. Trying to figure out how to use your video camera? Or Facebook? Or how to organize a meeting? We can all learn from each other, and create this space (as part of the Community Communication Project) that we're calling an Info Dojo, so that we can develop more skills, produce our own content, and become a better community in the process. 

Come to the initial meeting for this Action on Wednesday, 7/18/12, at 6 pm at the Mountain Arts Community Center (MACC, 809 Kentucky Ave, Signal Mountain).

You can RSVP on Facebook or actions.communify.org, or email join@communify for more information.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Action

This is a new Action, part of the Community Communication ProjectYou can get involved today at actions.communify.org.

WHAT: A workshop (whether virtual, physical, or event-based) where we learn how to communicate better, practice using our tools, and find ways to distribute our content.
WHY: It’s difficult to know where to start, when you’re trying to communicate with the community.
HOW: Teach and learn efficient and effective ways of using the most appropriate mode of communication for what you’re trying to do. Identify resources for learning more. Promote communication education and experiments.